Elements 1.1 Nokia symbian3 Puzzle games download

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giftailor0032 Elements 1.1 Nokia symbian3 Puzzle games download
Finding yourself in the world of smallest elementary particles you need to put everything in order and restore the laws of nature. You have a lost element in your possession.

Find its lawful place in each of the levels.

You can use two modes in this game:

Regular – more simplified, where we cannot leave the borders of playing field.

Advanced – more complex mode, where we need to be careful about every move or our element can be lost…

Main characteristics:

- 45 unique levels
- selection of 16 play themes
- use: arrows, teleports, controlled holes, slippery plates, etc.
- two modes of game (regular and advanced)
- colorful and animated game design
- variety of music
- Hall of Glory (list of records) on-line and off-line

P.S : Put both jar and jad files to same folder and install it via jad file for full game…
download here

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