GUIDE For Using GameCIH (Cheating Hacker)[Like Cheat Engine]

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Well as some of you know by now there is an app developed that is like cheat engine but for android devices!

It is called GameCIH and developed by "<Software Magician>In Taiwan(台灣)"



Version 2.2.2LINK

Version 2.2.1LINK


Next Version 2.2.X Will Lock/Edit Multiple Values

Next Version 2.3.0 Will Support Save/Load Cheat Code File (ONLY GameCIH can do it)
You can download cheat code files from internet.
You can also make cheat code files, upload to internet, then share them to everyone.

Its not the easiest of apps to use for people who dont know what they are doing so i made a guide for you all.

1. open gamecih and set a shortcut button
2. press homescreen button
3. open game and find value you want to change so were say money which is at lets say "123890"
4. press the set shortcut button
5. click on INPUT NUMBER
6. enter the number of money… in this case 123890 – depending on how high the number depends how many results you get.
7. now go back to game by pressing back button (NOT HOME SCREEN BUTTON) now change the value… so buy something that makes a change!
8. now press shortcut key to open gamecih again, now if you brought something then the value will have gone DOWN so you click the "-"… if your value went up… click the "+"… DO NOT CLICK THE OTHERS… 1 i dont know wtf they do yet and 2 it seems to break the search!
9. by now you should have very few results (if not repeat steps 7 & 8 until you can be certain)
10. now just click the location you want to change… usually these seem to start with a 4 i think… will update if wrong. so you click it… enter new value… click ok.
11. go back to game and enjoy your modded code!


"!" Searches Changed Values
"=" Searches Unchanged Values
"+" Searches Increased Values
"-" Searches Decreased Values

This is tried tested and working on the following by me:
Smurfs Village
Drag Racing
World Series Of Poker
Circus City
Contract Killer

Garden of weeden
Crime Story (not tested very well tho just for money and did not work)
Warning, don’t use GameCIH with Dungeon Defenders, all your characters are deleted

I will update this guide more later and test with other games… will also post memory access points so you can edit your games even easier!




Name of Game: Cut The Rope
Name of Cheat: Stars
Game version:
Adress of cheat:
Name of Adress (if any):

When you get to the last step DONT lock the address. Just change it to 3 each level

Manual Steps:
Start a level and search 0 in gamecih
Get a star
Search 1 in gamecih
Get another star
Search 2
Get another star
Search 3
You should be down to 1 address now
Change its value to 3
Now you can just go through each level and get 3 stars without having to really collect them.



Name of Game: Need For Speed Shift
Name of Cheat: InfNOS
Game version: Any
Address of cheat:
Name of Adress (if any):

Manual Steps:
Start any race with a car that has NOS
Open gamecih and do a low level analysis
Use a little bit of NOS ingame
Go back to gamecih and press "i"
Keep doing that until you run out of NOS
Once you run out just start a new race and keep searching
Also forgot to add, press the "=" button a few times AFTER you press "i"
Once you finaly get down to around 9 addresses, start a new race and freeze all the addresses.
And you should have unlimited NOS



Name of Game: Third Blade
Name of Cheat: Coins and Runes
Game version:
Address of cheat:
Name of Adress (if any):

Manual Steps:
Go to the shop and input the amount of coins you have
buy something
input your new amount
change the address to something like 500000

Now do the same for Runes



Name of Game: Big Time Gangsta

NOTE: If you unlock it after buying something, it will reset your money / blue things, however if you unlock after earning money / blue things it will keep the changed amount.
Name of Cheat: Money
Adress of cheat: 007fa76c
Name of Adress (if any):

Manual Steps:
start game
start gamecih
input number
current money
buy / sell / earn (change the money somehow)
gamecih – input number
current money
repeat until you have 1 option left.
change the amount to whatever you want it.
LOCK IT – very important
thats it your done.

Name of Cheat: Blue cards

Address of cheat: 007fa770
start game
start gamecih
input number
current blue things
buy / sell / earn (change the number somehow)
gamecih – input number
current blue things
repeat until you have 1 option left.
change the amount to whatever you want it. (i used 50)
LOCK IT – very important
thats it your done.

Side cheat: if your on a mission that takes 16h for example…use the speed function on gamecih to make the time x100 or x-infinite to finish the mission faster…

NOTE: you might have to restart the game after using the cheats…



Name of Game: Drag Racing
Name of Cheat: Money
Address of cheat: 0x4054b110
Name of Address (if any): h (lowercase)

Manual Steps:
- Look at your cash.. enter it into CIH
- buy something.. enter new cash into CIH

Name of Game: Drag Racing
Name of Cheat: Level
Address of cheat: 0x4054b0fc
Name of Address (if any): l (lowercase)

Manual Steps:
- Do money cheat, then click "related"
- change " l " to whatever level you like.

Name of Game: Drag Racing
Name of Cheat: RP
Address of cheat: 0x0x4054b10c
Name of Address (if any): i (lowercase)

Manual Steps:
- Perform money cheat, then click related..
- change " i "


s: = Time of race… against opponent (the one you see after you win a race)
o: = Total cash earned (on the stats window)
p: = Perfect shifts (on stats window)
k: = Races won.. (stats window)
j: = Races lost



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