HTC [ROM]MIUIce Cream Sandwich [Android4.0.1 + MIUI Hybrid][UPDATE 11/12/11]

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MIUIceCreamSandwich – A Port of Galnet ICS MIUI build.

HTC Glacier/ MyTouch 4G ROM

Every special day gets a ROM, and this ROM’s release date was 11.11.11!

icssha HTC [ROM]MIUIce Cream Sandwich [Android4.0.1 + MIUI Hybrid][UPDATE 11/12/11]3dglossygreenorbiconalp HTC [ROM]MIUIce Cream Sandwich [Android4.0.1 + MIUI Hybrid][UPDATE 11/12/11]miuiandroidlogo HTC [ROM]MIUIce Cream Sandwich [Android4.0.1 + MIUI Hybrid][UPDATE 11/12/11]

The current build is 1.11.9

Network Modifications:

Improved Signal Strength over all supported devices

Correct management of 3G and 2G selections ( Error being on certain models that it wouldn’t work previously )

Framework Modifications:

Correct management of ICS framework requirements

Fixed occasions where Android Process would crash (required reboot to resolve)

Power management fully implemented from ICS

Repair to Sensor management in Debug mode

UI Improvements:

Improved 3D support throughout rom (All Devices)

Correct issues where lockscreen clock would randomly freeze (Defy)

Improved camera response (Shutter) speeds

Additional Features:

WiFi Calling

Icon for Firewall


Maxthon Mobile Browser

Galnet Video

Hold Power brings down toggles (from which you can reboot/shutdown

~10 second fast boot time

Everything should be working, Inform me if I am wrong.

Please note: This looks exactly the same as normal MIUI. ICS benefits are running under the hood. This is not a pure ICS ROM, nor is it MIUI’s official Ice Cream Sandwich build; This is just loads of the ICS Framework blended in to the current MIUI Build by Galnet.

Instructions: Wipe user Data and /system. Flash ROM. Eat cookie. Play a song of accomplishment and enjoy.

Download Instructions:


Of course, Thanks to GalnetMIUI team for even making a MIUI + ICS Hybrid, and thanks to all the MIUI team for making the ever so awesome MIUI.

Check out GalnetMIUI here:


Other Supported Devices:

Samsung Devices:
HTC Devices:
Desire S
Desire HD
Incredible S
HD 2
Desire Z
Desire G7
Google Devices:
Nexus One G5
Nexus S
Motorola Devices:
Moto Defy
Moto Milestone
LG Devices:
Xiaomi Devices:
Millet Phone
Droid Devices:

Visit The Provided Link To Download The ROM For Your Phone:

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