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All about everything for Islam and muslims in Turkish.

150 volumes of Islamic sources, including the instantly receive everything that you want to learn about Islam by providing a unique program. Both a school and a library
• Approved Diyanet’ten Original Quran
• Four Turkish Meal – S. Yildirim, TDV Commission, O. N. know, EHYazır
• Meal-English Y.Ali
• German Meal-M.Resoul
• French Meal-S.Yıldırım (Commission)
• Russian Meal-TDV F. Karaoglu
• Two Turkish Tafsir-Ö.N.Bilmen, EHYazır
• One Piece Hatim-D.Kaya
• Turkish Meal (S. Lightning) that reads: Y. Z. Ozkan
In this section, user can listen to the Qur’an and the Turkish translation. Follow the cursor on the screen while listening to the Koran, which may make it easier to keep track of; verse to memorize the list or create a period of time, according to the desired number of repetitions ettirerek yapabilirsiniz.Konulara easily memorize the verses listed in the Subject Index section of the verses about the issues you want to, or interpretation of the verses mealine ulaşabilirsiniz.Hafızlık programıylada, listed by days memorizing the verses according to the schedule may be mem.

• Riyazü’s righteous-Nawawi
• Five Hundred Hadith-Ö.N.Bilmen
• Book and the Sunnah-A.Köksal
• Large-Rudani Hadith Collection (Ten thousand Hadith)

Sirr-i-Azam (three volumes) – Ahmed Yilmaz (PiRi SECRET WILL KARSEVİ SULTAN AHMED-Chic.)
In this section, and bidatlardan away from superstition, the clean and filtered information about Allah and His Messenger, and meşkul God, of Allah’s true murshid-i Kamil’in seviştiren is penned works.

• Islamic catechism-M.Dikmen
• Islamic catechism-Ö.N.Bilmen
• Catechism-Shafi H.Günenç
• Religious Information, Sualli-Threaded – Ö.N to Know
• Practical Laws of Islam-H.Günenç
• Teacher of Prayer-The Commission
• Married life and Privacy – A. Intellectual
• Questions and Answers – H. Asutay (Template Settings, Lent. Prayer, Eid, Hajj, Zakat, Öşür, Haller • Women-time, Sale and Purchase and Interest, Halal and Haram)
• Women and the Family Catechism – D. Selvi;
• Special Forms of the ladies – K. Stars

• History of Islam and Great Prophet (pbuh) life – A. Koksal
• History of the Prophets-A.Köksal
• Karbala-A.Köksal
• Date of Tafsir-Ö.N.Bilmen
• Companions-I Rent-Ö.N.Bilmen
• The Explanation of Surat al-Fath, and Istanbul’s history-Ö.N.Bilmen

• Marifetname-E.İ.Hakkı Hz.
• Gold Tips-Ghazali
• Principles of Road Rights-Ghazali
• Chemical-i-Imam al-Ghazali Felicity

• Prayers for the language of the prophet-A. Intellectual
• Each day with a prayer and Senai-Semine Blacksmith

• Religious Stories-A. Intellectual
• Dream Software Search-Nablus
• Stories-A.K Mesnevi. Sapling
• Boys and Girls Names-The Commission

• All texts and issues in Turkish or Arabic letters, words, sentences or phrases at the same time browse, view the results.

iMürşit times of prayer and, if you read reminds you (iOS4 +).
Systems with GPS module, according to the location you calculate prayer times as Automatic.
In addition, according to the location you Qibla direction compass systems that can be easily determined.

In this section you can take an existing, such as rosary (Six Esma, Prayer …) create a new prayer beads or reciting.

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