Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3

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Dexrex Backup v2.0.3

Requires OS 4.2.1 or higher

 Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3
duLev Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3
nNIfl Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3
Op8oE Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3
Ec0yH Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3
WtB2o Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3
eEIZp Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3

Dexrex Mobile™ for BlackBerry® allows you to capture, save, and read your SMS, outgoing MMS, and BlackBerry Messenger from anywhere, just as you do your emails. Dexrex Mobile™ is an easily installed, simple to use archiving tool for capturing and storing all your mobile messages in your existing email account. Calls and messages get sent from your phone and are bundled into a conversation view that gets sent directly to any email inbox.

Dexrex Mobile™ Lite is available as a free service from dexrex.com, and offers SMS archiving only. Complete and Business packages are available and offer expanded features and archiving across multiple accounts. Visit www.dexrex.com to view pricing information and to complete the signup process.

This application requires an account to be setup at www.dexrex.com to complete the installation and signup process.

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Download Full Dexrex Backup v2.0.3

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  1. Richard Pinter says:

    The program just states archiving but it stopped working
    Appprox Feb 17,12. I also made extra payment of 29.99… No one responds or there is no contact number. The one listed does not work. What ives?

  2. Admin says:

    update download link you can try
    if not you can go to: http://www.tinhte.vn/threads/1022672/ Registration for instructions

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