Endless War. v1.0 (Fully Cracked)

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GZymM Endless War. v1.0 (Fully Cracked)
hYlKx Endless War. v1.0 (Fully Cracked)
zNB9c Endless War. v1.0 (Fully Cracked)

Endless War. v1.0 (Fully Cracked)

Tested on the LG Optimus 2X.

Tested on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

Face off against squadron after squadron of advanced alien fighters in an endless war for survival!
Mankind has had to abandon Earth, and in the process has become embroiled in an endless war where victory is the only hope for survival. Endless War is an adrenaline rush disguised as a vertically scrolling space shooter. Choose your aircraft, develop your weapons and defenses, upgrade your equipment, and wreak total destruction on your alien opponents.

Human fighters must dominate fifteen planets to ensure complete domination. Each will present its own challenges as the alien forces shift tactics and employ ever-more-advanced technology against you. To succeed, you must build the ultimate fighting machine and hone your strategies to razor-sharp precision.

3 different fighter profiles can be saved, giving players the opportunity to experiment with different equipment and tactics

Choose your fighter from 3 types of aircraft, each offering its own unique combat experience

Develop your offenses using 6 different weapons (4 primary and 2 expansions)

Enhance your capabilities through weapons, ship, and shield upgrades

Utilize a variety of items?black holes, matrix time warps, HP boosters, shield boosters, resurrection tokens, and more

Charge your stamina bar to make devastating shock-and-awe wide-range attacks

Touch based controls are intuitive and simple to pick up and play

OpenFeint is enabled for 24 hour rolling stats

How to Control:

Basic Control:
Fast & Easy control by Touch & Drag
Touch based User interface is available by activated condition

Item Use:
Wide area attack by charging stamina gauge
Matrix: Momentarily decrease the speed of enemy’s aircraft and missile
Black hole: Absorb enemy’s missile

Support for app2sd.

Mirror: Download apk game file, install apk game file.


Top notch arcade style shoot’em up…

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