Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC v0.9

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Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC v0.9
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or higher
Overview: Talk like Bane !

Record your voice, then play to sound like Bane of The Dark Knight Rises (Batman) movie fame.
b5d9b87fc606eb77e080737efc4bc72e Bane Talk Voice Changer BTVC v0.9
Record your voice, then play to sound like Bane of The Dark Knight Rises (Batman) movie fame.

Please send us links to your YouTube videos for inclusion in the Bane impression playlists. If you use the app, a mention of the app name in the description would be appreciated.


Use the Menu – Ringtone setting to set the ringtone.


- HTC Desire running 2.3.3 (runs well)
- Samsung Galaxy Note running 4.0.3 (runs well)
- HTC One X running 4.0.3 (runs well – however the noise reduction feature of these phones tends to blunt the sharpness of the audio and reduces it in volume – use Volume Boost to increase recording volume).
- HTC Wildfire S (runs well)

- recording and playing done with thumbs in landscape mode (like a game console).
- a single tap on the Record areas will start the recording which is time limited (for this reason the app is safe for use by kids as you cannot get unlimited sized recordings)
- a single tap on the Play area will start the playback of the recording
- tap on the Adjust area to adjust for a deeper voice – within the Deeper Voice screen, tap on the Volume Boost to increase/decrease the recording volume, tap on Menu for sharing etc. options.
- tap on the Breathe (Darth Talk only) to see what your breathing should sound like if done correctly. For unrelated reasons, a Meow is also provided.
- the app is usable in speakerphone mode (because the volume is quite high and it will record even when you are far away from the phone – although background noise will start to dominate if you are very far away).
- Menu button also on-screen – saving files is fast 3-tap process.

- Record in quiet surroundings for best results.
- if your phone is not playing at full volume, press the volume buttons WHILE playing the audio to set the "Media Volume" or "Music Volume" (on android phone just pressing the volume buttons when nothing is playing will only affect the ringtone volume). Or you can use the excellent AudioManager app from Smart Android Apps to set "Media Volume" or "Music Volume" to max.
- on phones with a lower recording volume – like the HTC One X – use the Volume Boost to increase recording volume.


The app requires that OI File Manager – which is a free and open-source app produced by – be available on your device. If it is not available, you will be sent to the Google Play Store to download it whenever you try to view your saved files (Menu – Folder).


This app requires an SD card be available. You will not be able to record or play if you do not have an SD card installed on your device.

More Info:…5iYW5ldGFsayJd

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